Tuesday, October 27, 2009

im AFZA ,people..


ok..today we had FON class..and we was practised how to change the clients to other position..

kinda confiused..why we should change their position?? first,to give cormfort and the most important thing is to prevent the sore pressure....ok??need more practise...

and one more thing...uhuhuhu..IM AFZA.... A F Z A..when the time i say my name they will reflect to me..the wrong name..gosh..is it too difficult to say my name?? ...bengang la..agak...

psssttt..i will be back to TI ...gumbira!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


dear..why u say those words to me?? any reason?
forgetting is something that really perit kan??
yeah....its ok..i knoe u just say it..
but u dont really mean it..right??
but why? herm..its ok..
im not expecting anything from u..
to be love by someone is really somthing wonderful..
is it??
but to be love by ALLAH
i admitt,im not too kind or too noble person..
im just a person..with all the sins..
im trying to be myself..
trying to rid off the past..

"wahai wanita solehah,jgn risau akan jodohmu kerna muslimin yang bijaksana itu
takkan terpaut pada wanita yang hanya pada kecantikan,lirikan senyuman,
pada bicara yang menggoda..ataupun pada pujukan rayu sesorang wanita yang meruntuhkan imanya..
sesungguhnya lelaki itu adalah pemimpin kepada wanita ..
andai belum sampai jodohmu..
anggaplah bahawa ADAM yg kau nantkan itu sedang membina sahsiah kepimpinanya
bagi memimpin dirimu..
kerna pada wanita itu pasti ade kekuranganya dan ADAM yang benar2 layak
pasti akan hadir utk melengkpkanmu..
dapatkan la cinta ILAHI dahulu,baru cinta lelaki(suamimu)..
solehkan lah dirimu..
andai tiada cinta ADAM buatmu,
cukuplah cinta ALLAH bersamamu.."

thx erma..for the wordsss..


Sunday, October 25, 2009

mahu MEREKA!!


9 sahabt..di mana kalian?? oh..poyo jer kan?? mereka di merata2 malaysia..rindu mereka..suara2 mereka yg membingitkan telinga..lawak2 mereka..gosip2 mereka..tangisan mereka..riuh mereka...aku mengaku..tiada siapa boleh gantikan tempat mereka..WE ARE GOING TO STICK FOREVER..yeah..kami semakin jauh..semua semakin sibuk...really miss damn korunk..nak jumpe..korunk..bile cuti??...

mereka tetap di hati....


Saturday, October 24, 2009

what a day


hyep,people..how r u guys?? feeling great?? today was a miserable day for me..but not so misereable la..haha..attended A & P class..from 8 to 4..rushing to the bus...gosh..the driver bus was not there..so we kept waiting untill 7 o clock..damn tired..bayangkan laaaa.....aduii..then we all went out gi makan..with mak n bapak..officially ke?? hekhek..farah..ade chance x i nak ganti tempat u?? haha...kidding....




Friday, October 23, 2009



hai..=D herm..i had a bad emotion this morning..but i try to cover it..yeah..i miss ummi...huhu..today the session class was ok..alhamdulillah..sociology..many things to memorize..nutrition,we all were thaught how to feed the clients..kinda hard..maybe for the first time..and nadia was sick today..she had migraine.pity of her..

herm..for all the girls out there..plisss..i begged..dunt make any FOOL or such a nonsense things to yourself..FRUST BECAUSE OF GUY!! pleasee...dyeorang slumber left u all..then kenape misti nak meratap?? ha?? as for what reason?? yeah..misti la sedih..tapi..x perlu nak wat bende2 yang x sepatotnye..u guys pon paham kan what im trying to say..yeah..who am i nak bagi nasihat..tapi..pliss la pk...ok??

=D thats all for today..

Thursday, October 22, 2009



=D..this morning we had FON class..and we were practised to tidy up the patients bed..need more practice..n we had quiz for psycho..8 per 10..need more improvement..ok2..mlm ni nak gi pasa malam..mau beli kue teow..yumyum...

those are few pic yg sempat di snap..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


hello,people..=) how r u guys...

so..yesterday..we all started our class...malas punya..haha..tried to understand the complicated diagnosis..pn hamidah gave us assignment to handle..MARASMUS..thats our topic..malaassss...exam just around the corner..damn freakk..huhu..

today,we all had to change class..AGAIN!!..from level 6 to level 7...kurus tuuu..naik turun..naik turun..and i felt really bengang..agak la..with some of my classmate..kenape nak amik others people place?? ugh..saba la..

i sat from in front and we all kene switch places..pegi belakang..ape kes?? bengang kan?? memang la have no name kat seat tuh..tapi..respect la..thats our territoriality..kan??
xpela..saba jer..

ok..now..kene study really hard..subject tough...


Friday, October 16, 2009


im really sick with this person..gosh..u x faham lagi ye? how many times i want to tell n explain to u?? ha? seriously..i really fed up k? asking the same quest..its really annoying...=p..

to u:


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

its wednesday!!

guess what?? its already wednesday,people..hahaha..cant wait for tomorrow..we all are going back..haha...damn excited..esp me..haha..this morning..we all having SDL..from 8 to 10..so,instead stay in class yang huru hare with all sort of noise..we all decided went to lib..exam are coming soon..killer subject for me..pschology..a lot theory to memorize..=D so,use the time to STUDY!!! k?

with nadia..this time memang da ngantok..so snapping pic utk
hilangkan ngantok..
my megic pen..haha..cant be apart with it..im using to
do my notes..colourful...

ngantokkkk!! ZZZzzzzzzz....

diction is important for me ryte now..searching many new words..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

kami lapa!!!

assalamualaikum...hai guys..perot i dah bunyik macam2 irama nih..lapaaa....i,diba n kak hajar are fasting..mereka?? malass..haha..we all da plan x nak masak rini...mau makan lua..after balik class...we all pun siap2...the distance from our apartment are not too far..ok laa..petang2 have a short walk..dapat burn up our fat and calories..right??
...kami lapa...

haha..bile lapa..kami x ingat dunia...order mcm2..first time makan nasik..
haha..selalu tahan makan...nasi goreng kampung,nasi goreng thai..

with akak..=D


love them

the foods are ok laaa...alhamdulillah..kenyang la jugak..daripada makan megi n roti hari..jemu gak kan??

ok,gurls..next time kite kite MAKANG lagi ek....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


pmr?? tomorrow right?? apipppp!!! hakhak...awk da sedia x? akk harap awk dapat buat elok2..k?? fokus..read the quest properly..ok?
akk kol awk nanti..hari2 akk kol...
just do the best..
bace doa..



ok2..today i had presentation..really shaking...sori guys,i know its borink..hakhak..but i had done my best ok?? thx ummi for the inspiring msj that u send to me..=D today class ok laa...after the break,i thought we are having fundemental in nursing..but,the tutor had to attend some meeting..so all the class..hooray!! haha..some were studying..gosh..rajin betol..and most of them..CHATT ! CHATT!!

when i was focusing bout the topic..belaja la konon..suddenly..someone came and sat beside me..oh.her..i just smiled at her..n we chat.telling story bout each other..oh..i really shocked when she say her mother had passed away...just 3 weeks ago..can u all imagine..herm..i tgk dye mmg tabah..if that happend to me..herm....jauh dgn ummi pun da mata2 bengkak..YA ALLAH..kau tabahkan la hati hambamu...

even we just knoe just now..u still have me..right??? insya ALLAH..u have my shoulder to cry on..


Sunday, October 4, 2009


new friends...taking time to know them.
nadia.kak hajar

my journey


there had been long time x online....haha...ok..im now in sime darby health care..shah alam...orientasi bout 3 days..just briefing about the course...truly..im not ok ryte now..even umi and ayah dah datang semalam..ikutkan hati memang nak balik..tapi..when i think bout responsiblity..herm....i have to force my self utk kuatkan semangat..kan?? talking bout friends..yaeh..i've got..housemate ada 4..taking time to know them...this sem i will study 4 subjects...some of it sound new to me....fundamentals of nursing,communication and PR,phsycology and sociology and nutrition and envioronment health..

gosh...my tears nak drop nih..haha...tahan..wake up at 5..waiting for bus to arrive around 7...and balik pukul 4..really..xde mud nak sembang...or what so ever..
tomorrow first class will begin..malasss...herm...

my journey had began....herm...i know..i cant make my parents down..they hoping my success..for all they had sacrificed for me...herm..im afraid that i will make them frust..i know i must study really hard this time...mampu ke? ugh..positive!!!!!

i think thats all for today...

btw,THANKS AYAH...=)