Tuesday, October 6, 2009



ok2..today i had presentation..really shaking...sori guys,i know its borink..hakhak..but i had done my best ok?? thx ummi for the inspiring msj that u send to me..=D today class ok laa...after the break,i thought we are having fundemental in nursing..but,the tutor had to attend some meeting..so all the class..hooray!! haha..some were studying..gosh..rajin betol..and most of them..CHATT ! CHATT!!

when i was focusing bout the topic..belaja la konon..suddenly..someone came and sat beside me..oh.her..i just smiled at her..n we chat.telling story bout each other..oh..i really shocked when she say her mother had passed away...just 3 weeks ago..can u all imagine..herm..i tgk dye mmg tabah..if that happend to me..herm....jauh dgn ummi pun da mata2 bengkak..YA ALLAH..kau tabahkan la hati hambamu...

even we just knoe just now..u still have me..right??? insya ALLAH..u have my shoulder to cry on..


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