Friday, October 23, 2009



hai..=D herm..i had a bad emotion this morning..but i try to cover it..yeah..i miss the session class was ok..alhamdulillah..sociology..many things to memorize..nutrition,we all were thaught how to feed the clients..kinda hard..maybe for the first time..and nadia was sick today..she had migraine.pity of her..

herm..for all the girls out there..plisss..i begged..dunt make any FOOL or such a nonsense things to yourself..FRUST BECAUSE OF GUY!! pleasee...dyeorang slumber left u all..then kenape misti nak meratap?? ha?? as for what reason?? yeah..misti la sedih..tapi..x perlu nak wat bende2 yang x sepatotnye..u guys pon paham kan what im trying to say..yeah..who am i nak bagi nasihat..tapi..pliss la pk...ok??

=D thats all for today..

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