Sunday, October 4, 2009

my journey


there had been long time x now in sime darby health care..shah alam...orientasi bout 3 days..just briefing about the not ok ryte now..even umi and ayah dah datang semalam..ikutkan hati memang nak balik..tapi..when i think bout responsiblity..herm....i have to force my self utk kuatkan semangat..kan?? talking bout friends..yaeh..i've got..housemate ada 4..taking time to know them...this sem i will study 4 subjects...some of it sound new to me....fundamentals of nursing,communication and PR,phsycology and sociology and nutrition and envioronment health.. tears nak drop nih..haha...tahan..wake up at 5..waiting for bus to arrive around 7...and balik pukul 4..really..xde mud nak sembang...or what so ever..
tomorrow first class will begin..malasss...herm...

my journey had began....herm...i know..i cant make my parents down..they hoping my success..for all they had sacrificed for afraid that i will make them frust..i know i must study really hard this time...mampu ke? ugh..positive!!!!!

i think thats all for today...

btw,THANKS AYAH...=)

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