Wednesday, October 21, 2009


hello,people..=) how r u guys...

so..yesterday..we all started our class...malas punya..haha..tried to understand the complicated hamidah gave us assignment to handle..MARASMUS..thats our topic..malaassss...exam just around the corner..damn freakk..huhu..

today,we all had to change class..AGAIN!!..from level 6 to level 7...kurus tuuu..naik turun..naik turun..and i felt really bengang..agak la..with some of my classmate..kenape nak amik others people place?? ugh..saba la..

i sat from in front and we all kene switch places..pegi belakang..ape kes?? bengang kan?? memang la have no name kat seat tuh..tapi..respect la..thats our territoriality..kan??
xpela..saba jer.. study really hard..subject tough...


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