Sunday, April 25, 2010


oh..what a day..its already sunday..time passed so fast.. have to struggle,people.. microb exam for tomorrow..always make things last minute..oh..change la..can u? many things had to use to be on TOP?? oh yeah..have to double and triple up the effort.. anatomy have to finished up bout the for 100+++ medicine or drugs..goshh..and dunt forget the scholarship essay..why i deserve to get the scholarship..=))..1000++ words as well..hukhuk..bak kate die" jgn mengalah sebelum berjuang"..

for this moment..i have to change..its totally hard for me..i knoe its my fault..herm..herm..herm..i need the strength..i need to build up my spirit..its all by my own..all by my one one need to know..its between me and ALLAH..
kembalikan semangat aku ya ALLAH..pelihara la diriku ya ALLAH..aku mohon,ya ALLAH..aku mohon..sobsobsob...

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