Sunday, February 7, 2010


everyone in this universe will make mistake..but sometime we dunt realise it..either we intend to do or not.but when we make mistake,we learnd from it..i wrong..i stupid..i learned it..that was the first and the last time..maybe u dunt knoe what i feel...dunt ever judge me..i thought u will understand what im trying to say..but yet..u dunt all..i need ur support..not ur anger..i told u cuz i thought u should knoe..cuz u are my BEST FRIEND..what i get?? herm..being silent is more way better..i dunt mind if u wanna say that im silly or a jerk..its up to not angry..but..just kinda terkilan with u..nevermind..that are life's are..being hurt..thats normal..i accept it..i just want u to know that ..

first..i knoe im wrong..

sec..i just wanna someone support me esp u as my best friend..

third..i wont do it again..

ALLAH knoe everything..alhamdulillah cuz ALLAH still give me the chance..alhamdulillah..

and..umi kenal siape anak die..sye bersyukur kerana buat kesilapan..sebab sye belajar dari kesilapan sye..tak semestinya orang yg x pernah buat kesilapan itu baik..suci..kadang orang yang tak pernah buat silap tu lebih teruk..sye cakap umum..maaf andai ada yang terasa..mungkin lepas ni sye akn jage diri sye dgn lebih rapi..insya ALLAH..selagi ALLAH ade bersama sye..sye x sempurna..sye ulang lagi sekali..

SAYA TAK SEMPURNA....sebab sye hanya manusia biasa....

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