Wednesday, December 16, 2009



hai..the 3rd day of posting..kinda tired..but seems like time past so fast these days...perasan x?? herm..idk what i feel ryte now..hermm..rendah diri?? ugh..4get gaining weight..thats my prob..thking how to lose it..exercise?? no time la...tahan makan?? herm...have to?? i knoe..some people might like it if i x mkan,awk?? ugh..tenss...with practical..far from famly..miss themmm..=(.... herm..i knoe..people can say whatever they want or like the most..but who cares?? like i care?? but sometimes..yeah.....kinda fed up with those time wrong too in this situation..but..entah la..nowdays for are everything..okie..i also dunno what i merepek ryte noe..i penatt..k..k..need to rest and have a nice nap..



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