Monday, December 14, 2009

1st day of posting

scrub attire..
me and ifa

sape comey??..hehe

me,dinesh,eliza and christin


=) alhamdulillah..everything was fine today..KINDA...hekehek..suppose that thing use to cover up our shoes..but us?? haha..put it at the head..haha..sory..we dunt knoe...first day of posting..herm..we have to change our clothes..cover up our sooo sooo soo..tens..herm..cannot wear tudung..only scarf..ugh..annoyed..sume terdedah..huh!! lil bit relaxing for us..ya patients..only instruments..=)..tomorrow?? idk what..the staff are ok..hope so..early morning..we had briefing from miss...erm..cant remember her name..tomorrow i found out..k?? our works its just folded up the blue plastic..and chat....first day la katekan..hekhek...we all yours..the show..westlife..bsb..hekhek..with ealiza and dinesh..chatt..chatt and chatt....and we realize its already 2..hooorayyyy!!! balik umah..nak TIDOOOOOOOO!!!...
haha..but then...arrived je ixora..tgk2..bilik kunci...ya ALLAH....i xde kunci!!!!!!!!! so..kol en anuar..x pick up..send msj..x as the konklusinye..aiza and ifa..pecah bilek!!! haha..baek punyer...janji dapat ,masok..kan??
hekhek..agak keretakan di situ..but..who cares??? hekhek..
my fever become worsttttt..huhu..penedol?? i cant take it..allergic with how?? tahan je la,kan?? hekhek..ok2..thats all for today..
p/s: thx to u guys..K,A,D...always support me..and to ummi and u guys!!

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