Wednesday, December 2, 2009


im okay today..just tenss...gosh..bile nak balikkk?????? huhu....memang headache....exammm...ugh..ya not suppose mengeluh kan?? class end up around 5 15 pm..having an english exam..seriusly..memang pening mase wanna give up..100 quest,dear..xpe..sabar..and today was the last FON class..hermm..seriuss..i really nervous..bout the posting..

ok..proceed to another story..umi dah balik mersing..envy..haha..sabtu ni akk balik jugak..
next..many things to thinkk..feelings?? yeahh...its not the right time for me to think bout just 18,dear..x expert pon lagi..give me some space and more time cuz hati and perasaan bukan boleh i right??and i ada hak nak choose who is the best for me..perjalanan masih jauh..

hermm..this nite ade ade exam and present..

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