Monday, November 30, 2009

im OKAY..


alhamdulillah..praise to ALLAH..i had done the presentation..thx to all the members in group..=) okay..jusy now,miss komathi enter our class and briefing bout orientation for really damn damn shaking and nervous when thinking bout practical..herm..such a BIG responsiblity as a what miss parimala had said..nothing come with easy way..yeah..of course..pelan2 kayuh..=)

special thx dedicated to anta: thx cuz support me..always remind me of ALLAH..alhamdulillah..aiza selalu doa agar ALLAH..pelihara hati and iman di hati..cukup sukar..kan?

insya ALLAH..

tomorrow,i have exam... wish me luck...

p/s: awk..sye try...


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