Friday, March 26, 2010

ask urself

assalamualaikum... :)

how are u guys today? feeling well?? alhamdulillah for whats up with the big size? are they have to being laugh? or being called as jerk or ugly? huh? so whats wrong with the BIG size?? tell me.. yeah..thts normal..everyone wanna be or being perfect..but yet,do they can be perfect?? or have to??

ALLAH create us by different kind of size,shape,colours as well..and everything are different and there are reason why..we should be grateful as what we have..alhamdulillah..we have our vision,we can hear,touch,smell,taste...all that are create by ALLAH are beautiful..sometimes we as human,will have kinda some unsatisfied i right? let us just imagine the people who are blind,deaf,syndrome..herm..u think they want to be like that??

ALLAH tak pernah menzalami umatNYA.. ALLAH knows what is the best for HIS umat..ALLAH knows everything..and ALLAH menduga umatnya adalah bersebab..tanya la iman di hati,wahai is just temporary..lambat laun dimamah usia dan akhirnya kita akan kembali padaNYA..adakah masa akhirat kelak kita akn disoal tentang kecantikan kita?? sometimes people doesn't realize that beauty is not everything.siapa tidak suka pada benda yang cantik dan sempurna?? but most important is our heart..

truly from our heart..never ask for we have that kind of feeling..are we still have?? just ask urself..


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