Sunday, March 14, 2010


such a long time not post anything in my blog..pheww..haha..many things have to settle down,huh? alhamdulillah..i had finished my final..and now waiting for the result..ya ALLAH..i hope i may get the scholarship..insya ALLAH....=)...bout the argument..huhu..alhamdulillah..already settle..herm..but yet,i still dunt knoe the reason why..let it,im back to posting..5 more days to go..such a long time to wait..huh?
i have my own prob ryte now..internal prob..=)..its ok..i can handle it..cuz i still have ALLAH..
to handle it..i read some books..hopefully can improve my self to be a better person..hope so..and this is the time for me back to normal..back to my normal used to more thinking of guy for this moment..plis..i want to forget...herm..

i need a space for me to know myself better..
i need time to heal back the hurt..

i hope there are someone for me out there..
the one who can lead me to the goodness..
the one that want to understnd my feeelings..

im saying this things...not showing im desperate..not like that,dear..
evryone will have this feelings too..

couple? NO for me..if i have the chance..i want..

sye mahukan seorang adam yg boleh membimbing sye ke arah kebaikn..
sye impikan seorang adam yg tahu halal dan haram..
sye impikan seorang adam yg mampu menjadi pemimpin..
sye impikan seorang adam yang boleh bawa sye ke syurga..
insya ALLAH...



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