Friday, February 26, 2010

its about us...

this 2 weeks i have to face my final exam..i had done the FON..alhamdulillah..everything was ok..alhamdulillah..4 more papers to strike!! PHEWW!! hehe..but yet,im not in mood to study.. :)
thats normal..haha..kejap lagi laa....k? erm..

what im going to post this time is about..feeling,heart..u..and me..
how could you do this to could you...
for all this time..i really trust in u..
i thought u are not like others..
u still the same...
u like others as well..
dont ask me to love u..
dont ask me to trust ur folk words..
dont ask me to accept u..
i hurt this time..
just because of u..
u promise to take care of me..
u promise to be with me..
u promise..
u promise EVERY single thing..
how could you..


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