Thursday, January 7, 2010


its 7 jan..cepatnye mase..and everyday doing the same thing..this morning i done my sponging with my partner..oh goshh..really damn tenss..pg2 dah ngantok mase amek report..tetido lak tuh..i thought i boleh besabar dgn itu budak..tapi..oh gosh..hypertension with her...muke bdmud..=[ ..just now transferring mr.n who is my patient..dye discharge..sedihhh..haha..even pon die really byk kerenah..tapi..makin lame i makin syg..herm..same goes to mr.C.. he had recoverd so much..drpd stroke..cant talk..skg nie dah boleh duduk kat wheel chair..can laugh also..oh..senangnye sgt la..everyday kiteorang jumpe..alhamdulillah.. RA..tomorrow..perhaps..cuz im shaking..hehe...


end of story..

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