Friday, January 15, 2010



today was miserable day..evryone look do i...feel like giving up on this job..THIS IS NOT MY CHOICE!!!!!!! herm..i knoe evryone are hoping at me..esp umi and ayah..herm..i have to turning back..take it as challenge..can i?? herm...i feel like...ughhhhhh....ya ALLAH..
entah..dunt knoe to describe what i feel.. =(.. i wanna cry..ummi.....

herm..sec thing..oh people..plisss..pliss....stop talking bad bout her..pliss la..u guys dah xde keje yang lebih berfaedah ke nak wat..STOP LA......THINK LIKE GROWN UP!!!!!!!! can u??? and she not SO DESPREDO TO GUYS.. not like u..eveyone nak controlll...stop la...fine..i x dengla lagi dr due2 pihak..but then..if u x menjaja cerite2 come like all the college know bout this...???

ok..need to revise..


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