Sunday, November 15, 2009



hai,people..its sathurday nite..mostly people hanging out..some with family,friends..and mostly couple..=) we were planned to watch 2012!!! yeahh..everyone were excited to watch de we...we arrived at 7 50 pm..and we were really shocked..haha..evryone were quieng up..memang panjang.....2012 HAD SOLD OUT..gosh...agak kiteorang pon decided to watch phobia..

from left: nadia,kireen,ME,diba

so sweet!!! ek??

korunkkk...guy kat blakang tu i punye k??

with makkk

the movie memang best esp the last partttt!!!! hahahahahaha....lawak..lawak...and sume pon tido di rumah kami malam ini...oh yeahhh....


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