Sunday, November 8, 2009


hai..people..what a tired day i have..from the murning we had gone out..gosh..yeah..we get up really early this 4 am..we had to wait for the bus at 5 30 am..the walkhaton started at 7 45 am..we had briefing bout how to walk with the right steps..4 laps for 30 minutes..phewww....many calories had burned to see the blue shirts..CUTE!! hekhek..ok,then..the activity finished at 9 30 kinda bored..and we had planned to go to summit...haha..kak anum,thx 4 the ride..we went to was my first time..haha..just for fun..but then,i really felt my head spinning.haha..because of the LOUD diba,farah,azmi and i decided to have a walk..instead having the terrifying sound..haha..kiteorang maen kiddies kelaka..then,we all went to watch the moviee....BESHHHH...but truly...saket mate..ewwww..with the unpleasent part...phewwww...i knoe i already 18..but..ugh..haha..

ok2...thats our day...


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