Monday, August 31, 2009



being silent is more way that so?? for me..insya ALLAH selagi aku boleh sabar,aku sbar...=) umi always remind me..saba,kak..but untill when?? can i knoe,people? maybe one day that person will realize..yeah..i hope fine day..insya ALLAH..i really hurt what had she done to me..maybe for u guys it is small matter..tapi..dah lame kot aku tahan...word 'forgive me' i never heard from her..haha..guys..many things i had done for her..ok?? bukan untuk mengungkit..tapi..please appreciate..can u? MIND UR WORD!!! can you?? i have feeling...respect ME!! if she yelled at me..fine..aku diam..malas nak gado..herm..

biarpun seribu kemaafan diberi...
tetapi tetap meninggalkan kesan..
im not saying that im toooo perfect..tak..but i do respect others...pliss take note!..

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